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Bend So You Don't Break

A backbending workshop with Matt & Saz followed, as usual, by an optional pint down pub

  • The Wellness Barn, Pump Lane North, Marlow SL7 3RD

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Workshop with Matt & Saz on Saturday 8 June 14:30-16:30 at the light and airy Wellness Barn in Marlow. Learn the benefits of backbends and explore how to deepen your own. Backbends are an integral part of yoga but many people struggle with them. In this workshop, we will look at: 🧘Anatomy of the spine and how it moves 🧘How your own individual anatomy might affect your ability to do backbends 🧘How and why to practice backbends. 🧘How hip flexibility might affect your backbends After a short & engaging introduction from Matt on the anatomy of backbends, Saz will guide you through a thorough warm-up to set you up for exploring various backbends. The two will 'tag-team teach' to help you with: 🧘Bow pose 🧘Wheel pose 🧘King dancer pose 🧘King pigeon pose 🧘And more We will close with calming forward folds and a long relaxation — followed by an optional drink at the Rebellion Brewery in Marlow. Don’t worry if you’re 'not good at backbends.' If that is the case, you will uncover ways to make them more accessible. If you’re a 'bendy Betty,' this workshop will give you a chance to make your backbends even deeper and find your body’s true potential. The workshop is limited to 20 people and likely to sell out so early booking is recommended. Agenda for 8 June: ▪️ 2:15pm Arrival at the Wellness Barn & enjoy a tea ▪️ 2:30pm Workshop begins ▪️ 4:30pm Workshop finishes. You are very welcome to join us 'down pub for a pint' -- or G&T, or sparkling apple juice! After booking, you will receive an automatic email confirming your booking. We will email you again one week before the event with more specific details. Please get in touch if you have any questions.

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Cancellation Policy

In the event that you need to cancel, we will strive to fill your space. If we can successfully sell your space, you will receive a refund minus a 25% administrative fee.

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+44 7861465691

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