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Anatomy on Teacher Training Courses

Matt teaches the anatomy and physiology component (about 20 hours) on the following teacher training courses: 


Earth to Fly Yoga Skool, Paris, France

Fire Angel Teacher Training at The Space, Thame

Frame Academy, London

Mahalaya Teacher Training, Nepal

Mercedes Sieff Teacher Training

In his teaching of anatomy, Matt aims to provide the student with a broad framework for understanding the biomechanics of the body so that students can have their own insights, rather than expecting them to memorise long lists of muscle attachments and biochemicals. His course focuses on the musculoskeletal and nervous systems and he always ties the information back to yoga. He is known for his light-hearted and engaging approach to presenting complex anatomical concepts.

"Matt is an engaging teacher, and the depth of his intelligence really comes across in his lessons. I particularly enjoyed the practical elements of the classes."

-Eloise Skinner, completed Frame YTT in Spring 2017

"I thoroughly appreciated Matt's insight into anatomy and physiology in our YTT and how it can assist us not only in our own practice but most importantly that of others when we are teaching - invaluable and I only want to learn more! Thank you, Yogi Matt!"

-Annabel Bouttle, completed Mercedes Sieff YTT in Spring 2018

If you lead a teacher training and need an anatomy teacher, email

A sample of Matt teaching anatomy wherein he introduces the movements of the shoulder (glenohumeral joint). 

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