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Online Workshops

A selection of live and recorded workshops.


Live Online 8-Week
Book Club

Learn directly from the authors of The Physiology of Yoga every Thursday 7pm (UK time) between January and March, 2023.

Join Andrew & Matt for a deep dive through each of the chapters of their recently published book with time to ask them questions. Appropriate for both yoga teachers and keen yoga practitioners, each session will include a slideshow with the major points from that chapter followed by an open Q&A.

Language in Yoga:
Fear, Safety and Science

An evidence-based workshop for yoga teachers about language and the ability of the body to adapt.

Is yoga dangerous? Is it okay to do backbends and forward folds repeatedly? Is your language as a teacher healing or harming?

In this three-hour workshop recorded live in March 2022, we explore: 

  1. The scientific evidence on yoga-related injuries

  2. The potentially harmful effects of fear-based language

  3. How to use reassuring language

  4. The many benefits of yoga and exercise

  5. How our bodies adapt to exercise


You will feel more confident as a yoga teacher and you will have the tools to use language that positively impacts your clients. The culmination of Matthew’s MSc dissertation, this CPD workshop cites more than 80 scientific papers to explore the topics of injury, safety, pain and biomechanics — all related to yoga.