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"I have attended Saz’s and Matt’s classes for over 10 years, and on-line via Zoom. It gives me something to look forward to everyday connecting and practising with like minded people in a live, friendly and inclusive class via Zoom. 

Matt and Saz focus not only on your body and movement, but also mindfulness and mental well being. Whilst you are moving they provide insights into how your body works and provide guidance, encouraging you to reach your potential.

They still keep bringing variety into class, each day of the week offering different styles of class, and within each class they are consistently bring variety into how to move. Some days Vinyasa based, others core, Hatha or Pilates. 

I would encourage you to give a class a go and I’m sure like me it will be a major contribution in having a healthier life." 


"Yoga to me means realisation, understanding and taking control of my mind and body. I was introduced to Matt and Saz online classes by a colleague to whom I am eternally grateful.

Yoga with them is never boring or repetitive. The classes are fun, varied, challenging and demanding.

They encourage you and make you experiment with your threshold of mental and physical balance and flexibility. Often they will personalise the pose for me and say " I know you can go deeper into that lunge or stretch" which really helps.

It's the hour of the day you can truly feel you  have spent for "yourself" and will always walk away grateful for how you feel after they have just through the challenging  poses and encouragement helped you realise you are stronger than you think."


"Your classes have become essential for my physical and mental well-being during lockdown and I love the fact that that you have different types of yoga and intensity depending on how I feel. You are both fantastic teachers. Thank you!"


"Matt & Saz teach yoga with compassion. This is underpinned by a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of how the body works.

I have been practising yoga with Matt for about 6 years and always find his classes challenging (in a positive way) because as you improve your practice, he continues to gently encourage you to achieve more. Matt is also a yoga anatomy teacher and he incorporates this into his classes which I feel makes what we are doing, easier to understand.

Saz is a gentle soul, with a lovely sense of fun who teaches yoga to all levels. Both Matt & Saz are inclusive in their teaching and everyone is encouraged to achieve the best that they can on that day.

I can honestly say that their online classes have been fundamental to my physical and mental well-being this last year and I can’t thank them enough for that.

I would encourage all levels and abilities to try their classes." Claire


"I discovered Matt and Saz Online Yoga early in the first lockdown. Having always been a gym bunny I was surprised to discover how you can challenge your body on a yoga mat without the aid of weights and a gym.

Matt and Saz are incredible in the positions they can hold and completely inspiring. They have a fantastic chemistry on screen and are so encouraging. It has been an unexpected bonus to see how I have improved my flexibility and to hold positions like lizard, happy baby and full wheel that were never available to me before. I've particularly loved the daily routine their classes have provided during this pandemic such as giving a reason to get up at 7.30 am. The weekly routine is also a great focus for me. Initially I found it a great benefit that when one teaches the other demonstrates so I could always check I was following correctly, however over the weeks their teaching is so clear I find myself looking less and less at the screen.

I've also been surprised that I'm now getting more from the breath work and how practising with them is helping me mentally and to focus on what we have to be positive about currently.

They have been an absolute joy to practise with and I cannot recommend their classes enough."



"Matt and Saz are inspirational teachers who provide challenging, enjoyable classes which are well structured and planned. They have both successfully transferred their skills and experience in the studio to online teaching.

Between them they offer an excellent variety of classes from the slower Yin Yoga to the more challenging Strong Flow.


I particularly like the fact that they really get to know our individual potential and inspire us with their enthusiasm, passion and knowledge.

Their yoga classes have been a highlight during Covid. I truly look forward to practising with them several times a week."

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