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What is the Enlightened Anatomy Podcast all about?

Updated: May 25

I have been listening to podcasts since, like, the dinosaurs and gleaned so much information from them! Now it’s my turn to give back. That’s why I’ve created the Enlightened Anatomy Podcast with Matthew Huy! Here is what it is all about and who it is intended for.

There are many conflicting views and opinions out there about yoga. You might hear either of these conflicting opinions in the yoga world:

  • “You engage your glutes in a backbend” versus “That’ll compress your lumbar spine.”

  • “In Chair Pose, you should tuck your tailbone” versus “You should maintain a neutral pelvis.”

  • “Headstand is the king of all asanas” versus “Headstand is dangerous and can compress your neck.”

Enlightened Anatomy Podcast cover

The Enlightened Anatomy Podcast dives right into these topics — and many more — through the lens of anatomy, physiology, and science to help you feel more confident and inspired about your yoga practice or yoga teaching! If you love yoga and you crave the latest science-based knowledge on yoga, this is the podcast for you!

I’m Matthew Huy. I’ve been teaching yoga since 2005. I’m the co-author of the popular book The Physiology of Yoga, and I have a bachelor’s degree in dance and a master’s degree in exercise science. My mission is to help yoga teachers feel more confident by truly understanding anatomy and physiology.

I’ve been a yoga teacher for many years now — but I remember being a new teacher — not just of yoga but also Pilates & dance. I remember feeling nervous about injuring the people in my classes and I lacked confidence in working with people with medical conditions. I always wanted to know the “right” way of doing a yoga pose but I was also confused by the many different opinions on what the “right” way was! Now, having learned what I’ve learned through science, I feel very confident working with anyone who walks through the door regardless of their injuries, their nuances, or their medical histories.

Tune in if you want to hear the latest science on topics such as:

  • Fascia science

  • Lower back pain

  • Hypermobility

  • Posture

  • Breathwork

  • Pain science

  • As well as all of the amazing ways that yoga and meditation affect the many systems of the body.

Not only will I share fascinating studies applicable to yoga, I’ll interview the actual scientists that conducted the studies — not to mention authors and top yoga teachers sharing science with the world!

This podcast is all about you, dear listener, going through that same transformation from being confused by all of the different views and opinions out there to becoming a flourishing teacher or practitioner  with the latest science-based information. This podcast is right for you if you want to hear interviews with the brightest scientists, the best yoga teachers, and the foremost rehabilitation specialists. Whether you’re an experienced teacher or a novice yogi  with a curiosity about the wonders of the human body, you’ll enjoy learning from this podcast.

Hungry to learn more?

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