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Live Online 8-Week Book Club - Sept 2023

Study with the authors of The Physiology of Yoga from September to October 2023

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Live online, every Thursday from September 7th to October 26th at: UK: 7:00pm Eastern US: 2:00pm Western US: 11:00am Or watch the recordings Each session lasts around 2 hours and the recording will be sent to all participants shortly after each session. The recordings will be available for one month after the last session. Join the authors of The Physiology of Yoga for a detailed exploration through each of the chapters of our book with time to ask questions. Appropriate for yoga teachers and practitioners, each session includes a comprehensive slideshow with the major points from that chapter followed by a Q&A. From a previous course participant: “My brain is bursting with all the information, but definitely in a good way :) So much to learn. So many things to reflect upon. Super-grateful to you both for being so generous in giving more of your time to benefit others by sharing the material in this format.” -Ellie M., yoga teacher For each chapter, we will: • Explore the anatomy & physiology of a bodily system (nervous, endocrine, etc.) • Touch on the major conditions that affect that system • Look at relevant research related to yoga • Discuss the “Myth or Fact?” sidebars • Provide time for Q&A We will take turns exploring the chapters/systems of our book: • Sep 7: Musculoskeletal – Matt • Sep 14: Nervous – Andrew • Sep 21: Respiratory – Matt • Sep 28: Cardiovascular – Andrew • Oct 5: Lymphatic and immune – Andrew • Oct 12: Endocrine – Matt • Oct 19: Reproductive – Andrew • Oct 26: Digestive – Matt The course is accredited by Yoga Alliance (US) & Yoga Alliance Professionals (UK) and counts as 15 hours of study. Investment: £150 (approx $180 USD) until 1st June -- extended to 2nd June £180 thereafter (approx $215 USD) If you are self-employed, this training is probably tax deductible. You will receive an automated receipt (and Zoom link) after booking. A two-part installment option is also available if needed. Please contact us for details. It is recommended that you read the chapter of discussion in advance of each live call and, before the first session, watch a video by Matt on critical thinking: Questions? Please just get in touch.